lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Unit 11. Talent.

1- What's your talent? What can you do?

My talent is cooking. I can do "Doradas".

2- What do you need to do it?




3-Why do you think you are good at it?
Because I always do in my house and on my family the likes.

4- Show that you can do it?

Maria Goncalves

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

Unit 9. Memory.

My house: When I was a child; I liked with my family in a large house. The house had garden, I played there with my friends also had swimming pool and one"caney". They house was beautiful.!

My parents: This photo was in my birthday number 10. These are my parents, it was in december 8th-2000.

My grandparents: These are my maternal and paternal grandparents. In this photo we were in a party of my grandmother's paternal birthday.

Food: When i was a child, i liked ate "arepa" and "zucarita". They was my favorites.!

My friends: We had been friends all life. They were intelligents, good friends and very terribles. We did horribles things in the school.

My toys: My favorites toys was Barbies, also i like played "ludo" and the teacher with my friends.

Music: I like listen to music of the clows Nifu- Nifa and Melody.

School: When i was a child, i studied in the school " Nuestra señora del Rosario" until my graduation. I liked a lot the school because it was beautiful, large and they had good teachers.

A vacation: When i visited "Punto Fijo" with my parents, i went to the beach with my moms's family we enjoy a lot. It was a beautifuls vacations.

Unit 10. Conversation.

Andrea: Hello?

Maria: Hi, Andrea. It's Maria.

Andrea: Maria! Where are you? It's in nine 'clock. The birthday starts in ten minutes.

Maria: sorry to call so late, but can't meet you tonight.

Andrea: Really?

Maria: Yeah, I don't feel well.

Andrea: What's wrong?

Maria: I have a stomachache and fever.

Andrea:Oh, sorry to hear that. I'll call you in the morning.

Maria: Ok, bye!

Maria Goncalves.

domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010


I like to or I'd like to.

I like to go shopping in my free time.

I'd like to travel to Paris in my life.

I like to watch Dr. House.

I'd like to see Avatar.

Tourists like to visit La Basilica in my city.

I'd like to change Electricity.

I need change.
I want to change my looks hair.
- I should change hair color.

I want to change the aparment is very small.
- I should buy large aparment.

I want to change the transport.
-I should buy own a car.

Hab habits- Hab qualities.

Hab habits:
  • Spend too much money.

  • Talk on phone message too much.

Hab qualities:

  • I'm lazy.

  • Late all the time.

Plans and dreams.

After graduation, my goal is to get a goob job. I'd also like to get married, have a family..!

Maria Stefhanie Goncalves M

martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Welcome to my Blog.!

Hello, wordl! Welcome to my blog...In this blog, you will read about me and my English class. I will post my homework and interesting things about learning a second language.

So, let's get started... A little bit about me...

Hi, there! My name’s Maria Stefhanie Goncalves. I’m from Carora, originally. I live in Maracaibo. I’m 19 years old and I study Industrial Relations at URBE .

I love music, playing bowling, studying , stay with my family, go shopping, go to the movies, surfing the net, hanging out with my friends.. I hate smoking, violence, injusticie, I hate lie.

My dream is to travel to many cities around the world, and live in Venezuela with my family. First I want to graduate Industrial Relations. I'd love to work in an important company.

About English, I love to learn new languages. English is very important. I can write very mell. The most difficult for me is speaking and vocabulary.

Well, this is a little about me. I love making friends. Would you like to my friend? If you want to be my friend... Please, leave a comment....

jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

curriculum vitae

Datos personales:

Nombres y Apellidos: Maria stefhanie Goncalves Millano.

Nacionalidad: Venezolana.

Sexo: Femenino.

Datos academicos:

Educacion primaria: U. E Colegio Ntra Sra del Rosario.

Educacion secundaria: U.E Colegio Ntra Sra del Rosario.

Educacion universitaria: Universidad Dr Rafael Belloso Chacin.